Ben Haggarty’s debut graphic novel series, Mezolith, is an extraordinary exploration of the archaeology of the imagination. This cycle of stone-age stories of magic, horror, enchantment, & families, is written in words and pictures by Ben, with beautiful illustrations by Adam Brockbank (concept artist for X-men, Troy & the Harry Potter film series). Set 10,000 years ago, before Britain was an island, it plays with the stories our ancestors might have shared. It was a Times’ Graphic Novel of the Year 2010. Mezolith (volumns 1 & 2) have been published in the UK, USA and across Europe.

‘… an evocatively written, visually stunning piece of work. Those who love graphic novels or just plain good storytelling owe it to themselves to buy this book.’
The Financial Times

‘… an amazing example of world-building at its very finest, with an exhilarating story to boot.’
Judge Dredd Magazine


Originally published in the DFC comic, these are witty and gleeful folktales, told by a talking skull. Collaborating with artist John Welding - working in pen ink and colour washes - Ben has created a story world where the Devil, Death and mythical creatures roam, and where trouble lurks just round the corner of every bright idea or cunning plan our hero may have. Two Will Skoggins stories were published in the DFC and maybe one day there will be more…

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